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the menu is as you would expect a little different, we cook dishes that we like and hopefully will be enjoyed by others the same, what we serve is fresh and delicious food with a twist  

To start the day we have a hearty breakfast menu

For the meat eaters, For the vegetarians

Breakfast baps too, sweet pancakes with maple syrup

and toast with homemade marmalade.

For lite lunches we always have a good selection of fresh soups

 our Fresh Fish Chowder is Legendary 

always a vegetarian option, with more on offer in the colder months.

Freshly cut sandwiches 

and freshly bake potato or even a baked sweet potato

with a selection of fillings and daily toppings

Tasty rarebit with a choice of toppings

Vegetarian Tucker

Hot Beef Chilli

Towering Club Sandwich or a toasted sandwich with a wonderful filling of lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, bacon and mustard cress all held together with mayonnaise and served with a great house salad.

Classic BLT to a BELT. 

Fresh Fruit Crumble

Flavoured Brulee

Sensual Sticky Toffee Pudding, our own

Fresh fruit Crumble

Homemade cakes

Fresh plain Scones and Fruit Scones both served with our own homemade Jam.

Oh! did i mention the Fresh Fruit Crumble?

Terrific Cappuccino, Tea, Hot Chocolate

selection of Herbal and Fruit Teas

Salep, tasty middle eastern drink that's sweet tasting milk based dusted with Cinnamon and topped with chopped hazelnuts

Sparkling and Still waters 

and our fresh and famous homemade Lemonade or Limeade

so good

you'll want and can 'take some home with you'

we now have a take away menu if time is not on your side  

All served in a quaint, quirky and family atmosphere.

'South Lakes Must Visit Café'

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