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In 1990 a 'Star' was born, that in a form of a small eatery called, funnily 'The Two Eggcups' Moving to the English Lake District, Jane and Sam had a vision of opening a small Café that expressed their skills for food and love for service and had a great impact in the area and after trading there for nearly nine years we found this popular and busy eatery too small to expand so it was time to move on. In 1999 we opened our next venture, and named it, 'Step Two' our second Cafe situated by the side of a petrol station. Not quite the food and décor you would expect from a roadside Café but our regulars and devotees followed us to be introduced to new ones. However due to circumstances beyond our control and having traded there for four years we felt it time to move on. That next year we found ourselves in an Antique Centre at the Reclamation site in Low Newton, not too many miles from the 'Step Two' and duly opened our next Café, 'The Hattrick Cafe' . Once again those who new us joined new regulars and as before we were able to carry on doing what we love and do best and that is vital to our success. But after eight fabulous and busy years we thought it best to get our independence back and not have a centre relying on us to be the hub of the place. With many choices around we picked and to the fortune of Ulverston as our next place to have a Café. Having to start again from scratch and using all our skills from opening three successful Cafes we began to refurbish the shop. Many onlookers wearily eyeing us up, what's to become of the place, who's going to be there, what's going to be there. Finally all was revealed and in June 2013 our fourth and possibly our best attempt yet,

'The Fourpence Café and Shoppe'

in the popular market town of Ulverston was opened, phew.

This now combines all our hobbies, a fabulous and quirky Café serving a great range of food we hope for all tastes, a food shop where we are able to sell all the wonderful range of homemade products, Jams, Chutneys, Flavoured oils and Vinegars, a huge range of Salad Dressings and preserved Pickles but also a place that we can now sell a great range of Antiques, Bric-a-Brac and items that are both functional and needed.

A visit to 'The Fourpence Café & Shoppe' will be an experience no one should be denied, we are sure you will feel the same and visit what has been said to be...

'south Lakelands must visit Café'

time and time again.

We are pet friendly and do not distinguish dogs and human!

Love Jane & Sam.

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